• Sales de baño Mandarin and Patchouli-medium
Sales de baño Mandarin and Patchouli-product

Sales de baño Mandarin and Patchouli

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The relaxing body and bath salts will soften ,nourish and moisturise the skin. Honest used a blend of essential oils that will help calm your mind . Black pepper will warm and ground while gentle patchouli will help give you a peaceful nights sleep. Massaging the skin in circular motion with salts and oils will encourage the release of toxins and will promote healing and renewal. 

  • Materiales : Vidrio
  • Peso : 500 gr.
  • Made in : Reino Unido

Ingredients and benefits:

SEA SALT: Will exfoliate dead skin cells ,regenerate and increase blood flow, improve cellulite and heal.  The sodium contained in sea water helps the body to remove toxins . Contains minerals , balances skin moisture, improves the circulation of lymphatic fluid. Salts have  many medicinal benefits , your skin will glow with health.

THISTLE : Excellent source of essential fatty acids and Omega 3 and 6. Keeps skin soft and elastic. High in vitamin e. Clears congested skin . Boosts the quality and appearance of skin.

VITAMIN E: Interacts directly with the skin cells. Neutralising free radicals in the skin.

MANDARIN : Emotionally warm. Gentle. Relaxing and delicate .

PATCHOULI : Restful. Antiseptic. Soothes inflammation .Promotes sleep. Boosts immune.

BLACK PEPPER : Warming and grounding.


Cremas, aceites
Cremas, aceites
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